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TommyHawks wants to provide our T-Hawkers with options.  That means if you want to play in a league, we got it!  Do you want to compete in the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) style of tournament?  You can.  Do you want to play in the National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF)?  Why not?  We even have membership options for the Missouri Axe Thrower's Association (MATA) as well as our own TommyHawks Kick-Axe League. Wanna get in a league?  Just axe us! Oh, and pssst... (winner's of our local seasonal leagues win custom TommyHawks) - if that isn't enough to join, we don't know what is!! 

*** next available league will START MARCH 7th, 2019***

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  • 7-week season ($150 per person)

  • 6 Regular-season game nights

    • 7th Week is the Playoff Tournament

      • Double-elimination bracket

      • Tournament seeding based on regular-season rank


  • A throwers rank is based on total points accumulated during season

  • Points are earned each time a thrower:

    • Sticks the axe in the target during regular season game play (1, 2 or 3 points)

    • Earns an additional 2 points for any Fire Hawks (Round of 5 Bullseyes)


  • Individual or team effort for points

  • Each match consists of three games (each game is three rounds)

  • Best of three games IN TOTAL POINTS wins the match

  • 2 points are awarded to match winner

  • All three games are played in every match, even if one thrower wins first two games.

    • This allows players to accumulate total points for ranking purposes


  • 2 throwers at “compete” (even though the majority of scoring is on an individual basis)

  • 5 throws each

  • Thrower with the most points after 5 throws wins

  • In the case of a tie, thrower continue in a sudden-death format


  • Points

    • 3 points for bullseyes

    • 2 points for middle/unpainted ring

    • 1 point for outer ring

    • 7 points for Hawk Eye

      • Can only be scored on fifth throw of game, and/or a sudden-death throw

      • Thrower must call bonus points

      • Uncalled bonus shots do not count

  • Only first 5 throws count toward a throwers total points-per-game

    • Sudden death throws (throws six or higher) are used to only to decide the winner of a MATCH

    • Sudden death throws (throws six or higher) do not count toward a throwers total points for the season

  • Points only stick if the axe does, too

    • To score, an axe must stick in the target

    • If an axe falls before a player retrieves it, the points do not count (10 seconds)

    • highest score goes first for 5th throw

  • Highest score of what blades touch

    • For normal area in which the majority of a blade is buried, determines the axes position on the target.

      • If 51% of a blade is in a bullseye, it’s a bullseye (3 points).

      • If 49% of a blade is in a bullseye, its worth 2 points.

  • Hawk Eyes are hit or miss

    • Hawk Eye points are the exception to the majority rule

    • Hawk Eye points are awarded if any part of the axe blade touches a bonus circle
      (assuming it is the 5th throw of a ROUND, and HAWK EYE must be called)


  • Throwers can choose to be part of a team.

  • Teams points are tallied at the end of each night (including the tournament)

  • Team points consist ONLY of the top three throwers for that night (for team against team), OR the single Top Thrower for the night, if the league is broken into Teams and Individuals.

  • A team thrower can have a substitute thrower in the case of an absence. However, points are only added to the team tally. They do not count toward point total of the individual thrower for which the substitution was made.

  • The team or individual with the most points after the final tournament wins.


  • At the finish of each throw, the thrower must have at least one foot behind the blue line.

  • A thrower’s foot may not cross the fault line until axe has been thrown and comes to a complete stop.

  • One foot fault results in a re-throw.

    • Two foot faults in a row results in a loss of turn (Zero points).


  • Double elimination tournament

  • Takes place on 7th-and-final week of season.

  • Every league thrower competes in the playoff tournament

  • Tournament seeding is based on total accumulated points/ranking.


  • Regular Season Champ – awarded to the individual thrower (or team) who earns the highest total points in a season.

  • Tournament Champ – individual winner of playoff tournament


  • You must be 13 years old, or older to participate in the Thursday Night TommyHawks League.

  • Future leagues may be open to, or even geared toward younger players.