TommyHawks is a BYOB Establishment!

BYOB is defined as beer, wine, malt-liquor, and wine-cooler style beverages. NO HARD ALCOHOL!

State Law Stipulates no BYOB on Sunday. 

Our established policies ensure a secure and safe throwing environment for ALL guests.  This means that patrons wishing to partake in our BYOB policy MUST:

·       Be of legal age (21 and up)

·       Present a valid I.D.

·       Consume no more than two alcoholic beverages per hour

·       Pay the BYOB monitoring fee. ($2 per guest participating in BYOB)

·       Wear the TommyHawks required wristband

·       Be considerate of other guests

·       Do not offer beverages to those outside your party or not of legal drinking age

Guests understand that if they violate any of the above policies, or are deemed too inebriated at the start of their axe-throwing experience, or during the event, will not be allowed to continue.  There are no refunds for guests that are deemed unfit to throw axes.

What is the cost for a lane?

-It is $25 per person for up to TWO HOURS of a Kick-Axe Time! That's only $12.50 per hour! With your two-hour experience you get coaching, games and a winner's trophy!  We have the best rates of any axe venue in the country, guaranteed. We offer standard rates for experienced throwers (Walk-In $20 rate), and we have several membership options as well, listed HERE.

What is the minimum group size?

-Two… we’d say “one,” but that’s not really a group. By yourself or with friends, you are guaranteed to have a kick-axe time.

What’s the max group sizes for events?

We can currently host up to 64 people for custom, indoor-only events. Once our venue is complete we can host larger groups for indoor/outdoor events, up to 100 people. For large groups (9 or more participants, please contact us to make a reservation). 

Do I have to sign a liability waiver?

Yes you do!  According to the lawyers, every participant must sign a waiver before your kick-axe experience begins. It just works better that way ;)

What are the hours of operation?

-Our hours are listed above, but we can and will open specifically special for corporate events and other large groups.

How do I pay?

-We take bookings through our website for no charge. You can pay card (either for the entire group, or per person in your group) at the venue after your session. WE ARE A CASHLESS FACILITY, ACCEPTING ALL MAJOR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS!

How far in advance do I need to book?

-To be safe, it is best to book 1-2 weeks in advance for groups of 4-16, and more for larger groups. However, we can often squeeze groups in with as little as one or two-days notice. Walk-ins and same-day bookings are welcome, but subject to availability.

How long is the whole experience?

-We offer 1- 2 hour sessions depending on the size of your group and the number of people per lane. Custom events can be as long as needed.

Can I come with just a date?

-Yes, either reserve on our "Book Now" page for a group of 3 or less. Or come in on a walk-in basis. Last walk in needs to be here by 9pm Fri, Sat, or by 7 p.m Sunday.

What kind of clothing do I need to wear?

-We have heat and fans, but we recommend wearing cool clothes when it’s hot and warm clothes when it’s cold. Something comfortable to move around in is best. Closed-toe shoes are required!  The axes can bounce back towards your feet and we don’t want anyone getting injured.

Do you all provide the equipment we need?

-We supply the targets, the axes, and a coach. All you need is your enthusiasm to learn!

Is there an age limit?

-We currently have an age restriction of 13 years and up (with accompanying adult). In the future we will offer options for younger throwers. 

Can I bring my kids to watch? 

-Unfortunately, infants and toddlers are not allowed on the premises due to liability issues. We also want them safe! Children 13 and up are permitted with an accompanying adult. Please leave the youngins at home, but keep an eye out for kids events in the future!

Can we take pictures or videos while we are there?

-Please do.  We completely encourage it! (Just not while actually throwing.)

Is there an Axe-throwing league?

-Absolutely! We offer several. Learn about leagues on our league page, and sign up with our staff at TommyHawks!

What are the rules of the game?

-Games are played 1-on-1, each player gets 5 throws. Each throw is worth between 1-5 points based on accuracy. The highest score wins. Best of 3 games wins the match. We can host your group in either NATF style targets/rules, MATA style targets/rules, or WATL style targets and rules. 

What should I do if I need to cancel my reservation?

-We require a one week cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund on your deposit.

Can we bring in food from outside?

-We offer chips, candy bars, and soda for purchase. We offer a free snack we call "Hawk-Corn" -(A special popcorn). Menu items to be added soon!

Can we bring our own axes?

-Currently, you cannot due to liability issues. We include the use of our axes in the cost of the event. Rules are different for league nights. 

Do you all sell gift certificates?

- Gift certificates are available, We call them AXE-PASSES. Stop by TommyHawks and get yours today!

Do you all play music in the venue?

-Of course!

Will someone show us how to throw before we play?

-Every group event includes a coach to help you in your skills and keep tabs on the score.

Are outside spectators allowed to watch?

-Only axe-throwing participants may watch.  During special events there may be exceptions. Check the site regularly! 

Is Axe-throwing safe?

-No activity or sport is completely safe. However, injuries are very uncommon, and our staff is trained to keep all of our guests safe, while still having a great time! We do insist that throwers wear closed-toe shoes, and do not throw intoxicated. In the future, when we are able to sell beer, if you can't tie your drinkin' shoes you won't be allowed to throw axes!




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