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Axes and Beer and Running, Oh My!

The Second Annual is on 10/19/19

The Second Annual is on 10/19/19

A couple years ago when my wife and I decided to join the “cutting edge” of entertainment, I asked her about doing special events that combined more that just axe-throwing. When she asked what kind of events I was thinking, I said - “Running. Running, throwing axes. And beer-drinking. Got to have that, too.” Needless to say she was quite puzzled at the combination, but I explained to her that beer drinking and physical events - mud runs, fun runs, …. even marathons - was widely accepted. Do some work, get some reward - at least in my own mind, that is the premise.

The very first year we opened, Springfield’s (and TommyHawks’) first ever Axes ‘N’ Beer Run took place. Despite the many, many explanations it took to get the city to understand that we were combining axe-throwing, running, and beer drinking (what could go wrong??) - it still didn’t compute. Springfield, Missouri, was not sure it wanted this axe-throwing event, because it had never seen such an event.

Well, the First Annual Axes ‘N’ Beer Run was a huge success. Here’s to the Second! Go to TommyHawks Axe House of Springfield Facebook page, and click “events”. Locate this grandiose event and purchase a ticket! It is quite possibly the coolest thing you will have done in a long time.