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Axe Away!

Axes Away!

Axe throwing in the United States has absolutely taken off in the past year, and Springfield is no exception to this trend. As the first venue in Southwest Missouri, TommyHawks Axe House was able to serve thousands of what we call “Tribe” members - a very special experience. Unlike most other axe throwing venues that have popped up recently, the founder of TommyHawks has extensive experience in forging AND throwing both tomahawks and axes! In fact, the TommyHawks staff instructs our guests with a one-of-a-kind technique developed by Tommy, to ensure every participant has as much fun as possible at the Axe House.

We all understand that some people are naturally better than others - and that some people require a bit more time to learn the technique. The good news is that the TommyHawks Tribe will never give up on you! Unlike other axe venues that simply leave you to your own devices, our patient instructors will observe and correct your technique through your entire axe throwing experience, and provide one-on-one assistance when requested!

Come check out TommyHawks Axe House and see what REAL MISSOURI AXE THROWING is all about!